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Charity calls for radical changes in support for end of life care
19 July 2016
The National Council for Palliative Care is calling for radical changes in the way that communities support bereaved and dying people. The call follows the evaluation of early work by eight pathfinder groups aiming to develop compassionate communities.
The National Commitment on end of life care
7 July 2016
Ben Gummer MP announced the Government's response to the Choice Review at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Hospice and Palliative Care
NCPC welcomes Government commitment to personal choice in end of life care
5 July 2016
The National Council for Palliative Care has given a broad welcome to the Government’s response to What’s Important to Me: a review of choice in end of life care (“the Choice Review”), but has raised concerns about some of the details.
NCPC responds to NICE draft guidance on end of life care for children and young people
1 July 2016
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued draft guidance for children and young people. It is estimated that more than 40,000 children and young people in England are living with a life-limiting condition (where there is no reasonable hope of cure).
Response to report on unnecessary treatments
27 June 2016
NCPC responds to a report into unnecessary treatments in end of life care.
NCPC supports GMC call for better training
16 May 2016
The NCPC supports the GMC's calls for better training for doctors in palliative and end of life care.