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NCPC welcomes new NHS guidelines on end of life care
16 December 2015
The National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) is welcoming new NHS guidelines on end of life care published today, while calling for more support for those who care for dying people and increased funding to the sector.
Care to Learn Training Programme
16 December 2015
It's easy to feel scared or overwhelmed when caring for people at the end of their lives. We have addressed this by creating the Care to Learn programme, which provides staff with the fundamental skills and support they need to provide quality care at the end of life.
NCPC and Hospice UK announce further joint projects
2 December 2015
Closer working between Hospice UK and National Council for Palliative Care to improve end of life care.
NCPC responds to Marie Curie research on end of life care concerns of over 50s
4 November 2015
More than half of the UK’s over 50s are not confident that they will get the care they will need at the end of life, according to new research by Marie Curie.
NCPC urges peers to support Baroness Finlay’s Access to Palliative Care Bill
22 October 2015
The Bill, presented by NCPC's Chair of Trustees, is on its second reading.
Government repsonse to Health Select Committee Report on end of life care: NCPC comment
16 October 2015
The Government has published an official response to the Health Select Committee's report on end of life care