Homeward Bound Educational Resource

NCPC has worked in partnership with NHS England, Pancreatic Cancer UK, Leeds NHS Teaching Trust Palliative Care Team and St Giles Hospice to share Lesley and Seth’s story and develop a suite of educational resources and learning units. 

The End of Life Care Core Skills Education and Training Framework was released this year and is now available to download via the Skills for Health website


Resources are available via links at the left-hand side. You can find:

  • Homeward Bound educational resources and learning units
  • Relational Competency Mapping
  • Homeward Bound e-ELCA e-learning sessions
  • Homeward Bound Rail Ticket Postcard (to submit feedback online, please follow this link to take our short survey.) 

About these resources and how can they be used

Homeward Bound is a play written by playwright Brian Daniels to share the true story of Lesley and Seth Goodburn (played by Brian Daniels and Sophie Turner). The play has been written to give people especially health and social care professionals, the opportunity to reflect on the importance of compassionate person and family centred care at the end of life and to help individuals to understand how little things mean a lot to the person who is dying and to their family.

The workbook includes four learning units which are designed to be used as standalone units and collectively they make up a comprehensive learning resource.

These educational resources which are aligned to the National HEE core competencies can provide a catalyst for learning in a variety of different ways including   individuals self-learning, or as an educational package for lecture practitioners, educators, and trainers.

These resources could be used for example in the context of:

Group learning via a study day

Work based learning

Taught sessions

Part of a learning module on End of Life Care (EoLC)

Short ward based teaching session 

Short burst sessions within induction training - delivering compassionate care

Clinical Supervision

Leadership programmes- focused training sessions on EoLC

Professional groups 

Who can benefit from these learning resources?

These resources will benefit all of the professional groups outlined in the End of Life Care Core Skills Education and Training Framework (2016).

If you are a palliative care educator this resource will provide you with a comprehensive resource to support learning or as an individual access to open learning and reflective practice to support revalidation.

Workbook and DVD - £49.99 
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For information on the play* and to book, please click here

*Homeward Bound was written as a stage play and adapted for film by Brian Daniels.  

Brian has also written and adapted for the NCPC 'Don't Leave Me Now' a play about early onset dementia and 'Bounce Back Boy' about young people and palliative care.