Statement after End of Life Care Parliamentary debate

3 March 2016
On behalf of the End of Life Care Coalition, Claire Henry MBE, Chief Executive of the National Council for Palliative Care, said: "The government have been left in no doubt about the strength of feeling across all parties that the need for action to make sure everybody gets the best possible care at the end of life is overdue.

Somebody dies in England almost every minute, and we only get one chance to get it right for them and their families.

The Minister agreed that the current level of variation, which really means that many people are getting inconsistent and poor quality care, is shaming. It is therefore deeply frustrating and worrying that, over a year after the Choice Review published its recommendations, the government is unable even to say when it will respond.

NHS England and the Government need urgently to agree a comprehensive plan of action, and get on with implementing it. Every day they delay means more people will be dying without the care and support they need."                                

Claire was also chair of the Independent Choice review into end of life care. The review group consisted of people with personal experience of end of life care services and experts from across health and care organisations. It held a two-month public engagement exercise and also analysed a wide range of evidence into end of life care. The review called for increased spending on end of life care, including increased social care spending.


You can read the full transcript of the debate here

Recorded video footage can be found here

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