NCPC shares concern about lack of time to care for dying patients

22 February 2017
NCPC Chief Executive Claire Henry has shared her concerns over a report from Marie Curie and the Nursing Standard.

The report found that two-thirds of nurses say they don't have enough time to provide high-quality care for dying people. 

Claire Henry said “Caring for a dying person is never easy, and I know from experience that nurses want to give the best care possible. So it is a concern that so many nurses are reporting that they don’t have time to offer a high level of care to dying people. It can also cause problems for people close to death and their families, if they can tell the nursing staff are busy and ‘don’t want to make a fuss’ and end of up not receiving the care and attention they need. Our play ‘Homeward Bound’ is about what can happen when caring staff are too busy to pay attention to someone’s needs in their final days and hours. It’s already being used to improve end of life care, but people won’t see the full benefit if nursing staff don’t have time.”

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