People in Partnership Steering Group

 Words used to describe People in Partnership

What is People in Partnership?

It aims to help improve palliative and end of life care by:

  •  Involving people with personal experience in every possible way, including training, developing national policy and guidance and campaigning
  • Helping and encouraging other organisations to involve people with personal experience
  • Scrutinising, steering and supporting the way NCPC and Dying Matters involve people with personal experience.

How does it do this?

  • It gives a voice to those who have personal experience of palliative and end of life care.
  • It demonstrates that people with life-limiting illness can and will get involved to improve care.

Who is involved?

  • A group of 8-10 people who have some of the following experience:

·         With a life-limiting condition

·         Experience of caring for someone with a life-limiting condition

·         Professionals with experience of ‘user involvement’

How often do they meet and where?

Usually quarterly at NCPC offices (London) but this depends on current priorities. We can arrange for people to join the meeting by telephone if travelling is difficult. We pay travel expenses.

How do I join?

Members of the group are involved based to their personal experience and skills, to support the work that NCPC and Dying Matters are doing each year.

To find out about joining, please contact Louise Palmer, Community Involvement Manager, on or 020 7697 1528.

What some members have said about it:

“We contribute to making a real difference”

“It’s a really exciting group to be involved in”

“Everybody counts. Everyone’s contributions are valued and encouraged”

"We influence NCPC’s and Dying Matters’ policy, organisational culture and practice, helping them to prioritise what they do, validating their work and giving them an evidence base"

“The papers and information we receive for meetings are in plain English so are easy to understand”

“We have alot of fun too!”