Response to the Kings Fund report on nursing shortages

14 March 2017
The NCPC has responded to a report from the King's Fund.

A new report from the King's Fund warns that shortages in district nursing are prevently timely provision of pain relief to people near the end of their lives. 

Claire Henry, Chief Executive of the NCPC, said “The numbers of people dying each year are now starting to rise, as has been predicted for many years. With the government aiming in its recent National Commitment on end of life care to make it easier for people to die where they wish, the demands on district nurses that the report identifies will only increase. Helping people to die at home, free from pain and discomfort, requires support from many services, including GPs, hospices, social care and the voluntary sector. Family and communities also have an important part, and we need to do much more to support them. But the role of district nurses, however defined and however delivered, is and will continue to be essential in order for people to spend their last days and hours in a place that is comforting and familiar to them.”


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