NCPC urges peers to support Baroness Finlay’s Access to Palliative Care Bill

22 October 2015
The Bill, presented by NCPC's Chair of Trustees, is on its second reading.

The Bill requires commissioners to ensure that people with palliative care needs receive appropriate support. At the moment there is too much variation and plain unfairness. Access to palliative care should not depend on your age, condition, gender or where you live

The Bill would be a significant step towards implementing the recommendations of “What’s Important to Me” – the report by an independent review into improving people’s choice and quality of care at the end of life. The government response to that is expected before the year end

Claire Henry, NCPC’s CEO and chair of the independent review, said:

“This Bill sets out very clearly some of the most important things that need to be done if we are to improve people’s access to palliative care. We have had enough reports setting out what needs to be done. It is now time for the government to take action. We urge peers to support this Bill. I also look forward to seeing the government’s response to the National Choice Review report, and hope that it will implement the recommendations. In particular, if we are to support more people to die at home where they want to be, we need to reorganise services to be more efficient and develop more integrated community-based services. That will be the acid test for the government’s good intentions."

Click here to read the full text of the Bill.

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