NCPC responds to Marie Curie research on end of life care concerns of over 50s

4 November 2015
More than half of the UK’s over 50s are not confident that they will get the care they will need at the end of life, according to new research by Marie Curie.

More than half of people in the UK aged 50 plus, equating to 12.4 million people, say they are not confident that they will get the care they need towards the end of their life.

The YouGov poll for Marie Curie also found that three out of five people over 50 are concerned about how health and social care services will deal with the pressure of growing numbers of people with terminal illnesses. Two-thirds of them are worried there is not enough funding to support people with a terminal illness.

The charity is calling on the Treasury to ring-fence £130million in this November's Spending Review to kick-start the improvements needed to care for people at the end of their lives in England

Commenting on the research, Claire Henry, Chief Executive of the National Council for Palliative Care who chaired the independent review of Choice at the end of life earlier this year, said: "High quality end of life care and support should be available for everyone who needs it, where and when they need it – which sadly too often isn’t happening at present. It’s therefore little wonder that so many over 50s have real concerns about whether they will get the care they need as they approach the end of their life.  

"We only have one chance to get care right for people who are dying, which is why the Government must prioritise end of life care. This requires strong national leadership, as well as investment in the forthcoming spending review, including by implementing the recommendations contained in the recent review of choice at the end of life.”

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