Care to Learn Training Programme

16 December 2015
It's easy to feel scared or overwhelmed when caring for people at the end of their lives. We have addressed this by creating the Care to Learn programme, which provides staff with the fundamental skills and support they need to provide quality care at the end of life.

The Care to Learn training programme was first launched five years ago and has been a popular resource for training those who are new to the sector.

Following significant recent changes within palliative and end of life care and in response to feedback from those who have used Care To Learn, the programme has been revised and updated, and the format has also been changed. Care to Learn is now presented in two A4 booklets - one for students and one for mentors.

Care To Learn is designed to help staff improve the end of life care they administer. It provides an introduction to good practice, and is flexible so that it can be tailored to each individual learner, organisation or locality.

It provides an introduction to good practice in end of life care using ten modules. It is designed to be flexible so that it can be tailored to individual learners, organisations or localities.

The accompanying mentors' guide helps more experienced colleagues or trainers support the learner throughout the process, which is vital for embedding the learning into practice.

Care to Learn is aimed at Health Care Assistants and direct care staff across all settings including hospitals, hospices, care homes, the individual’s home or in housing schemes. Qualified nursing staff moving into end of life care for the first time will also benefit from the programme.

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