National Council for Palliative Care backs commitment to overhaul dementia diagnosis

15 May 2013
NCPC's Chief Executive responds to the new progress report by the Dementia Challenge groups

Following the publication of the new progress report by the Dementia Challenge champion groups Eve Richardson, Chief Executive of the National Council for Palliative Care and the Dying Matters Coalition said:

“We welcome the publication by the Dementia Challenge champion groups of their progress report and of the Government’s commitment to overhaul dementia diagnosis. Early diagnosis of the disease is especially important as there’s a window of opportunity, whilst people with dementia still have capacity, for them to discuss their future care and support with those close to them and to make plans including for the end of their life.

At the National Council for Palliative Care we have been working with our partners for many years to ensure that end of life care and dementia agendas are joined up. We are pleased that our ongoing contribution, including through our Pain and Distress guidance and our training DVD ‘Time to Talk Doc’, was recognised by the Dementia Challenge Groups, and we look forward to continuing to work to ensure that people with dementia are able to receive excellent end of life care as part of the Dementia Challenge.

There’s still a long way to go until everyone with dementia receives an early diagnosis and the care and support that is right for them, but there are encouraging signs that things are moving in the right direction. We are especially pleased that progress is being made with recruiting dementia friends, and hope that as part of their induction and training they will all be given information on the importance of planning for the end of life.

It’s rarely easy to begin conversations about end of life care, but speaking openly about the future can improve quality of life throughout the progress of the illness and allow people to get their wishes met. That’s why as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week we’re encouraging people across the country not to leave it too late to take practical steps such as writing a will, recording their funeral wishes and talking about the type of care and support they would want at the end of their life.”

Report marks progress in first year of Dementia Challenge

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