Difficult Conversations for Young Adults

Difficult Conversations: Making it easier to talk to young people about the end of life

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What are we doing?

Most young people prefer to think about living than dying but some find it easier to enjoy life if they can talk about dying, even if it’s occasionally.

We've spoken to young adults with life-limiting conditions to find out what they think. Do they want to speak about it? If so, why, when and who with? If not, why?

Why are we doing this? So that we can help professionals to feel more comfortable about how to approach these kinds of conversations.

What difference will it make?

The guidance we produce will help those who support young people with life-limiting conditions to understand:

  • What it's like to be a young adult with a life-limiting condition
  • Whether it's helpful to discuss anything to do with death and dying
  • If so, who with, how and when
  • Different ways of starting conversations
  • What it can be helpful to discuss
  • Where to go for more information or support.


Who are working with on this project?

Together for Short Lives 

Who is funding this project?

Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity

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