Building on the best focus group - Worcester Acute Hospital Trust

On 27 January we held the first of two Building on the best focus events for Worcestershire Acute Hospital trust staff at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.  These events have been designed to engage different staff groups in discussion regarding ‘what is end of life care’?  Importantly we also asked those present, what helps them to provide good end of life care and what are the barriers?

On the day we had a fantastic amount of engagement from staff.  The numbers attending exceeded those expected and included representation from nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, porters, doctors and consultants.  There was much debate and discussion within the sessions.  The dialogue was open and honest and both good practice and issues surfaced, helping us to identify specific areas within the four building on the best topics to be addressed.

Crucially, we had commitment from across the professional groups to join our end of life forum going forward – to make end of life care ‘everyone’s business’.  At the end of session we asked delegates to make individual pledges on what they will do going forward to improve end of life care.

Tess Makinson, WAHT